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We are french searchers who's want to give informations to anyone who's instersted by the esoteric quest. The association CRP puts this document at your disposal, which was made out from the review L'Initiation publications by the regional delegate for the M. O. Everyone should use it to exercise his critical mind. This cannot be a document to swallow. On purpose, everything is submitted to the critical eyes of the seekers, of those who do not spare their personal efforts. Everything is to be tested, often because very truths are surrounded by blurredness. The following journals on this theme could complete the information given by the review from 1960 to our days. Other journals could consider aspects of the teachings proposed by Martines, Saint Martin, and Papus... It is a little bit too easy to rest on the work of one or a few. The other journals will appear on condition that this basic work is enriched by personal research, complements brought by other books or reviews.