Jakob Böhme

Boehm belongs to a different generation than his Martinist’s disciples in terms of "appliance" - remember that Boehm’s initial mystical experience, according to his spiritual biography, were acute and consequently unprepared for - therefore the traditional concern for "the acquisition of the vision" comes mainly into view in his grappling with the ever-recurring problem of instructing others, this comes, as far as I can see, much later in his literary work. I happen to think that the reason it comes later is that the first tracts/works of Boehm were circulated among people Boehm himself thought possessed the faculties and preparation to receive and appropriate the truths and visions contained in his writings, at a level of comprehension similar to his own.

Then came, as we now know, the reactions; derision - inability to "fit" his grand revelation of the interrelationship and ultimate destiny of Man, the Universe and God within a contemporary "Christian" framework. So, I happen to think that Boehm’s later tracts, especially those found in the early (while he was still living) anthology _The Way to Christosophia_ - is not an attempt of "Christianizing" the contents of the early tracts but rather distil them in a way that clarifies the direct _relevance_ of those teachings to the Christian Path. Boehm never, even in his "Apologia", detracted, excused or called back any of his teachings: he stubbornly held his visions to be authentic, even when they evaded comprehension among his contemporaries.

Il somebody refers to the "pietism" heritage of Boehm; this heritage is grand, emphasizing the quest for a balance between discipline and ecstasy, between introspection and pursuing the work directly, dynamically and passionately: One particular aspect of this inheritance is of great interest to us, and I believe the remains of this current , in the form of texts. With regard to practices from Boehm directly , I feel it is exemplified - in Boehm later writing "On The Supra sensual Life", upon whose dialogues I have pursued some meditations of my own earlier on in this forum